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Someone has set on fire the Roskomnadzor’s office for blocking of pirates

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor should keep Russian internet save from external threats, including piracy. Each day its officers working hard in order to clear internet in Russia out of illegal stuff – whether it is pirated content, fake news or something else what is forbidden for dissemination in Russia. The illegal movies are not exception. One Russian citizens has set on fire one of the Russian Roskomandzor’s office, he made it three times.

The reason why this citizen has made it is very simple – Roskomnadzor has blocked its favorite movie web-sites with illegal movies. It was revenge for blocking of pirate web-sites. But all three attempts to burn out Roakomnadzor’s office failed. The “avenger” is prosecuted and according to prosecutor’s office report he has admitted the attempt to set office in fire, but did not mention web-resources which caused revenge. His guilt is not proved so far.

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