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The Russian law on film festivals can be mitigated

The governmental law, making clear what is film festival and abolishing the licensing necessary for demonstration of such movies during the film festivals, has been adopted by Russian state duma this summer. Russian legislators believe the law is to be mitigated, therefore they consider relevant amendments. These amendments to the law on film festivals have passed first reading in Russian state duma.

The reason – why the amendments have been proposed – is simple. Despite the fact that the provisions of new law are of rational nature, but “very quickly it has become clear that these provisions introduce superfluous regulating filters excluding entire set of international film festivals, organized in Russia”.

For example, according to current law the film can be demonstrated at the film festival without distribution license only if such festival has jury and competition program. The festival can lasts no more than 10 days and the film can be demonstrated no more than twice during the festival. Such rules caused many concerns in professional community and many official requests to federal authorities.

The proposed amendments are result of consultations with stakeholders and industry professionals. These amendments aim to eliminate unnecessary burdens. Amendments exclude the requirement for festival to have jury and competition program. The duration of festival extended to 15 days and film can be demonstrated 5 times during the festival.